Research news from Marc Lewon

I want to start this blog to create an opportunity for sharing ideas, snippets and finds, which I come across every now and then when working on certain repertoires and codices. Often enough, these interesting little pieces of new information would not justify an entire article or could take ages to come to light within larger publications, and thus would probably be condemned to be lost again. I would like to particularly thank my college advisor Elizabeth Eva Leach (St. Hugh’s/Oxford) for her support and encouragement to start this blogsite (check out her own blog: Elizabeth Eva Leach). Any of my research news connected to the project “Musical Life of the late Middle Ages in the Austrian Region (1340-1520)” (short: Musical Life) can be found in this project’s blog:

So, welcome to my scrap book of little fact-items and thoughts on Medieval and Renaissance music.

Marc Lewon (©Björn Trotzki, 2012)

 Marc Lewon