Marc’s Milk Carton – “Have you seen this melody?”

During my research work I tend to come across a number of melodies or fragments of compositions which I cannot identify or link to a concordance. My work for the “Musical Life Project” on the Vienna Ars Nova and Linz Fragments in particular has brought to attention a frustrating number of “nameless” or “tagless” pieces. In many cases the existence of these pieces has long been known.Their identity, however, still remains unresolved. With this new category on my blog site—Marc’s Milk Carton—I would like to select some of those untagged melodies or compositions which I feel are promising candidates for the search for concordances. Maybe someone might recognise a melody, a phrase or a voice and can help to find a missing link in order to put those yet “unknown” pieces on the map.

(Incidentally, I understand very well that people who have identified a new concordance want to publish their identifications themselves. I just want to put these nameless fragments and pieces out there. If, however, you want to share your findings in the comment section below, I would of course be very happy to announce it and credit you duely. But I’ll be just as happy if new findings will be published elsewhere.)

I present to you:

Marc's Milk Carton

Marc’s Milk Carton

Marc Lewon

PS: Just before its release, the idea of the “Milk Carton” was anticipated by an identification of one of the pieces on my list: Linz Fragment 29 was recognised by David Fallows who informed me of the concordance. The tentative transcription of the abbreviated incipit “Domine martine(?)” was identified as the composition “Dung plus amer”, possibly with a corrupted incipit in the source. Check out the original post with the fragmentary transcription and the revisited fragment.


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